Do you want to earn money while gaming? 

1 March 2021

This is edifyq's goal.

edifyq is built by gamers, for gamers. The platform hosts tournaments for people to win money by competing against other players online. Users can host their own contests or compete in those created by others.

Post beta, the edifyq platform will also enable users to trade digital assets with minuscule transaction fees as all transactions are carried out using blockchain technology.

How does the platform work?

The edifyq platform is powered by a cryptocurrency called e which can be traded between users or converted into cash.

The platform provides three primary functions. Users can mine e store e in a wallet, or spend e by entering tournaments.

A pillar of our vision is for tournaments to be accessible to everyone. To achieve this, users who download the desktop app will be assigned to a mining pool automatically. By using the app, you will automatically mine e.

Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, when anyone in your mining pool successfully mines currency, everybody shares in the profit equally. e  will also be available for purchase through the exchange, which will help you to enter upper-tier tournaments.

By allowing gamers to continually earn e for free, there will never be financial entry barriers. There are no eligibility requirements; anybody with any gaming skill level can sign up.

Thrifty gamers can elect to use only mined e to enter tournaments, grinding their way up to the higher leagues using only their skills.

Our vision for Edifyq users goes like this: "You come home from work after a gruelling Friday. You switch on League of Legends, and one of your friends messages you - they're one short for a four-round daily tournament starting in ten minutes. You pay the entry fee with e  mined that day. As you're on top form, you smash the competition in the qualifying rounds. By 9pm, your team is through to a dramatic final, from which you emerge victoriously, and your team splits the winnings. You cash out, call a cab, head into town and meet some friends at the pub. Your winnings pay for the first two rounds and your burger on the way home. (note: e can be exchanged for fiat currency and used for purchases other than beer and burgers)."   

What's coming up for edifyq?

It's an exciting time for edifyq right now.

On March 6th 2021, we're launching our platform beta. We're recruiting 1,000 pioneering gamers to trial the platform and provide feedback. We say pioneers and not volunteers as gamers taking part in the trial will receive 10,000 e to launch the first tournaments.

At first, the platform beta will only include a block stacking game for players to compete against one another. This will help us fix any teething issues and improve the platform based on community feedback. We will add more games to the platform in the coming months.

To help prove our concept, we are developing several games to launch on the platform. These games will be freely available to play through the desktop app. Over time, we will work with game developers to continuously offer new and exciting games for our community to compete in.

As part of our goal to build a global community of gamers, we want as much feedback from our community as possible.

How are tournaments managed and winnings paid out?

This is where blockchain and smart contracts come in. For readers unfamiliar with these concepts, don't worry; we've covered them below.

Blockchain is a record-keeping technology first used for Bitcoin. Blockchains are distributed databases that store unchangeable data in sequential blocks. Any new data is added to a block and chained onto the previous block - the blockchain functions as a ledger of all transactions of e . Blockchains are incredibly secure - to alter data on a blockchain would require control of more than 50% of devices on the network, which is practically impossible.

Smart contracts are self-executing, autonomous contracts. Smart contracts allow safe transactions to occur efficiently and safely, even when two parties don't know each other, without any third-party oversight. edifyq can charge lower fees for facilitating tournaments by managing the platform with smart contracts, leaving bigger prize pools for players.   This means that any tournament you enter pays out money to the winner automatically.

If you're interested in earning money in gaming tournaments, you can register for the beta below.

Register for the prototype

The next step on our roadmap is to ask for your help. We want to hear from you what works and what does not, which features are more important to you and which ones are lacking. In short, we need your guidance.

To facilitate this, we are creating a beta of our platform and are looking for a thousand pioneers to put it through its paces. We will expect a lot of feedback and suggestions from these pioneers over the next two to three months. However, these pioneers are not volunteers, when we launch each pioneer will have bestowed upon them 10,000 edifyqs.

If you see yourself as a pioneer, register for the prototype and explore the future.

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