Download our prototype

Our prototype is here, this is to test the idea, and for you to tell us what you think.

Notes on the prototype

We’re releasing a desktop-only version to start with - mobile versions will launch soon. We’re launching the beta to get feedback from you on the platform’s usability before we launch the mobile apps.

To start with there will only be one game, many more will follow soon!

There are some key things you need to remember when using the platform beta:

We’re looking for as much feedback as you can give us! Please be as honest as possible, as all your feedback will help us develop a better application for you!

You can also email us at any time at

Are you esport ready?


You don't need to enter tournaments to play the game, you can play  and hone your gaming skills whenever you want.


You only need someone's wallet address to send some e their way


You will mine automatically, nothing for you to do other than install the prototype and let it run. Then watch the mining fees come in!


Enter or create tournaments and compete against other players.


We will periodically ask your opinion on how specific functions work or your opinion on where we need to improve. Please help us getting this right and gie us honest feedback.


No need to wait for us to ask your opinion on something, you can send us feedback email on whenever you like.

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