Learn all you need to know about crypto wallets in under ten minutes

The world of crypto can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a new investor. There are thousands of unique coins and hundreds of wallets.  

Crypto Wallets

Ethereum's London Update

Want to stay ahead of the crypto curve? You need to know about Ethereum’s London update!

Ethereum London Update

What is DAI?

DAI could help you hedge against crypto’s crazy price swings while earning interest.

What is DAI?

Intro to DeFi: What is Decentralised Finance?

The decentralised finance movement is a targeted strike aimed at the heart of the global banking system.

What is defi?

Digital Olympics – The Olympic Virtual Series (OVS)

The Olympics has always been a fiery beacon of human sporting achievement. The best athletes on earth battle it out to break records and inspire people around the world.

Digital olympics

El Salvador becomes the first country to make Bitcoin legal tender

El Salvador has become the first nation to permit its citizens to use Bitcoin as legal tender in an unprecedented move.

El Salvador and bitcoin 

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Central banks are under threat from a technology that could replace many of their primary functions, namely digital currencies.

Central bank digital currencies

Esports News Roundup

According to Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid football club president, even champions league football isn’t safe from losing fans to esports.

Esports News Roundup  

Proof of work (PoW) vs proof of stake (PoS)

"Proof-of-work has the nice property that it can be relayed through untrusted middlemen. We don't have to worry about a chain of custody communication." - Satoshi Nakamoto

PoW vs PoS

Crypto news roundup

What caused this week’s huge crypto market crash?

Could the trial between Epic Games and Apple change how games are developed?

Why is everyone going mad for NFTs? 

News roundup

The most exciting games of 2021 - Part 2

Part two of our 2021 series covering the most exciting games set to be released this year!

Most exciting games - part 2

The most exciting games of 2021 - Part 1

What c​ould be better to take your mind off the global pandemic than a massive range of awesome video games?

Most exciting games - part 1

Esports are back!

Global economies are reopening, and Esports are back!

Major event prize pools were a bit meagre without the massive crowds in 2020, but sponsors and developers are expected to start providing bigger prizes throughout 2021.

Esports are back

Coinbase IPO

Is this the watershed moment cryptocurrency needs to become mainstream?

Once ridiculed as a financial instrument for reckless investors, digital currencies march ever closer toward worldwide acceptance.

Coinbase IPO

Bitcoin vs Ethereum

What's the difference?

Recent studies would indicate that Ethereum has overtaken Bitcoin in popularity on YouTube, we cover the difference between the two technologies.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum 

Bitcoin mining energy use

Bitcoin could be equally or even less energy-intensive than all current global financial systems combined.

Bitcoin energy debate

Fighting games

We're running through the best classic fighting game franchises from the past 50 years, including some modern games that are moving the genre in a different direction.

Fighting games overview

Dramatic growth in esports

Streaming services, high-speed internet and corporate sponsorships have propelled the esports industry to new heights in the past decade.

 Global esports revenues grew to $1.1bn in 2020, up from $950m in 2019.

Esports growth

AI in games

 Artificial Intelligence is playing a bigger role in the gaming industry than ever before.

 While AI has come a long way since Alan Turing and other AI pioneers got the ball rolling, current AI is still a way off from truly intelligent machines. The gaming industry has jumped on recent AI advancements to create more realistic virtual worlds.

AI is making waves 

State of crypto

Many people thought Bitcoin would disappear in a puff of smoke or dissolve into nothingness in a few years.

While there are still plenty of non-believers, Bitcoin's recent meteoric price jump convinced many businesses to allocate a portion of their cash reserves into cryptocurrency.

More on crypto and NFTs 

Is it time to disrupt the games industry? 

The convergence of blockchain, cryptocurrency and gaming industries has sparked a revolution toward transparent and open digital asset markets.

The gaming industry has lacked the technology required for players to exchange skins and digital assets across any two games.

Disrupting games 

Earn money playing games.

What if there was a way for anyone to earn cash by gaming?

Gaming's popularity is growing exponentially. Tournaments boast enormous prizes that are currently only accessible to elite pro players. 

Competing in tournaments

Register for the prototype

The next step on our roadmap is to ask for your help. We want to hear from you what works and what does not, which features are more important to you and which ones are lacking. In short, we need your guidance.

To facilitate this, we are creating a prototype of our platform and are looking for a thousand pioneers to put it through its paces. We will expect a lot of feedback and suggestions from these pioneers over the next two to three months. However, these pioneers are not volunteers, when we launch each pioneer will have bestowed upon them 10,000 edifyqs.

If you see yourself as a pioneer, register for the prototype and explore the future.

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