The most exciting games of 2021 - Part 2

17 May 2021

Halo Infinite

The Halo franchise is one of the longest-running and most cherished gaming series of all time and needs no further introduction.

At one point, the Halo games were the most popular online games on earth but have since lagged behind other first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.

The Halo campaigns boast some of the most enjoyable and fun storylines of any game. The local and online multiplayer modes also give you hundreds of extra hours of gaming.

Halo Infinite promises to be a "spiritual reboot", according to a developer from 343 Industries, the game's developer. Exactly what this means isn't clear, but we can speculate the series is going back to its roots and will feature all the classic weaponry as well as the usual array of vehicles like warthogs, scorpion tanks and various gunships.

343 industries have shown a sneak peek at a campaign upgrades option, letting players upgrade Master Chief's abilities (which is a first for the Halo franchise). Exactly how this feature will work is yet to be seen.

Gamers playing the Halo Infinite on the new Xbox Series X and Series S can enjoy 4k resolution and 60fps throughout the campaign and lightning-fast loading speeds between levels.

Developers have also released some details of a 'TacMap", which means the game will have some level of free exploration - another first for the Halo series.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to come out in "Fall 2021". November looks likely as Halo's 20th anniversary is on November 15th 2021.

New World 

The hype surrounding Amazon's New World is already massive, and the game isn't even out until August!

New World is an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) set on an island called Aeternum, in a fictional world similar to colonial America.

New players design their characters from scratch, then begin the story washed up on the beaches of Aeternum. You can join other players in groups of up to five and choose a faction to join - either Maurader, Syndicate or Covenant, each with a range of different side missions and benefits.

You can choose to play entirely solo or take on other players in a PvP mode, which features battles with up to a hundred other players.

During the recent beta testing, Amazon showcased a new mode called outpost rush, featuring a 20 vs 20 battle for resources and control in a river basin filled with forgotten ancient technologies.

Expeditions are another new and exciting game mode, where players team up with up to five other players to tackle dungeons.

There are various attributes like strength, intelligence, woodworking, jewel crafting and even wilderness survival that players upskill by playing through the game.

The developers (Amazon) decided to move away from a subscription-based business model for this game. Instead, you can pay upfront for the game choose whether or not to buy extras that aren't integral to the game, like cosmetic skins.

Amazon is planning to release New World on August 31st 2021.

Dying Light 2 

The second instalment of the Dying Light series looks likely to blow the first game in the series out of the water!   This free-roaming zombie killing game looks like a brilliant hybrid between Assassins Creed and Dead Island.

The trailer shows a ravaged, dilapidated city, including playable areas like decrepit skyscrapers, creepy apartment buildings and train stations overrun with trees, vines and, of course, zombies.    We play through the new Dying Light as Aiden, who is infected with the virus, giving him superhuman strength and agility.

The two highlight features of Dying Light 2 are: 
● The fighting system, which looks hilariously fun. You can craft custom melee weapons (similar to Dead Island) to hack off zombies extremities or even cut them in half. You can also shred through crowds of the undead with machine guns, shotguns and other firearms. The motorized machete showcased in the gameplay trailer looks especially fun.
● The parkour free-running system looks somewhat similar to the free-running in Assassins Creed, although not quite as slick. There are also some cool parkour extras like wall-running, grappling hooks, paragliders and using the undead to break your fall should you accidentally topple off the side of a skyscraper. You can even use unaware zombies to propel yourself to higher platforms.

The developers have hinted at a more story-focused game than their first edition. Dying Light 2 features decision-making story elements, so your in-game choices have consequences throughout the playthrough. These can include entire sections of the city becoming inaccessible or entire human factions being wiped out.

Techland is planning to release Dying Light 2 sometime towards the end of 2021, although an exact date hasn't been released.

Horizon Forbidden West

It's not long until we'll get our hands on the highly anticipated second game in the critically acclaimed Horizon series, called Horizon Forbidden West.

The newest edition promises to continue the series' superb contrast of futuristic machines with awe-inspiring natural landscapes.

The storyline continues following Aloy, a huntress and member of the Nora tribe, who we play as in the first game.

In this edition, Aloy seeks to find the source of a virus tearing through the people and creatures habiting post-apocalyptic America, specifically California, Utah and Nevada. The story takes place roughly 1000 years on from an event that nearly wiped out humanity.

The new world is significantly larger than in Zero Dawn. In addition, there are many new exciting features like loads of underwater exploration of hidden areas like caves and sunken ships.

The Forbidden West world features overgrown, decrepit cityscapes as well as deserts, mountains and tundras for you to explore and battle your way through.

There's also a reproduced Yosemite valley, as well as the usual hordes of robotic animals and monsters for you to fight.

The game's director Mathijs de Jonge recently boasted the game will have "virtually no loading screens", as Forbidden West fully utilizes the PS5's new lightning-fast SSD memory.   This means that fast travelling and moving between different parts of the map won't require a minute or two of impatiently waiting for the loading bar to fill.

Forbidden West is set to be released by Sony toward the end of 2021 - but an exact release date hasn't isn't yet known.

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