The most exciting games of 2021 - Part 1

10 May 2021

Resident Evil: Village

The newest iteration of the survival horror classic hit the shelves on May 7th, 2021. Few gaming franchises have maintained such a cult following as the Resident Evil series. The eighth game in the series promises to be another gory, terrifying, monster-filled classic.

Resident Evil Village is set some years after the end of the previous game, Resident Evil Biohazard. The story begins with Ethan, the character you play as, and his wife Mia living peacefully, away from all the evil they recently managed to escape - but not for long.

The action kicks off with a violent incident involving Mia, Ethan's wife, and Rose, his daughter being kidnapped. You have to battle your way through hordes of grotesque creatures to save Rose and rescue baby Mia.

The story is set around a creepy village nestled in the shadow of a decrepit castle and the dimly lit caverns beneath it. There is the usual combination of poorly lit tunnels, caves and crawl spaces, as well as some of the scariest looking monsters seen in any recent video game to give you plenty of nightmares.

The Dracula-esque castle is occupied by the terrifying Countess Dimitrescu, whose family rules over the Village and the surrounding area. Unsurprisingly, she isn't Ethan's biggest fan and spends most of her waking hours hunting him down.

Unlike most other games in the horror genre, Resident Evil Village features an online multiplayer mode. The mercenary mode has also returned for Village, which is a wave-based combat mode.

The demo went live on May 2nd and, as previously mentioned, the full game came out on May 7th. Click here to watch the trailer.

Far Cry 6

Ubisoft's Far Cry series is another cult classic, which is releasing its highly anticipated sixth game this year.

Ubisoft is taking Far Cry in a different direction than the previous game, which was set in Montana, USA. Far Cry 6 takes place in an open-world tropical paradise called Yara, a Caribbean island loosely based on Cuba.

The antagonist is fascist dictator Anton Castillo, also referred to as 'El Presidente', who runs the local area with the help of his son Diego, who features in the world premiere trailer.

Diego initially seems unwilling to follow in his father's footsteps and fight the rebels. But, soon enough, Diego drops a grenade on the insurgents, taking his first step toward becoming the next 'El Presidente'.

We play through the game as Dani Rojas, a rebel fighter who aims to take down the villainous Castillo and his regime. Similar to other games in the series, you can choose Dani's gender at the start of the game, and your decisions will have consequences in the storyline.

You can also recruit an animal helper to assist you in fights. However, Ubisoft has so far only shown an adorable Dachshund (sausage dog), which isn't known for being the most ferocious dog breed.

The game was originally scheduled to hit the shelves on February 18th 2021 but was delayed for unknown reasons. Ubisoft recently stated its plan is to release the game before the end of September 2021.

God of War: Ragnarok

The newest God of War game is expected to land sometime in late 2021, providing development stays on track. A final release date hasn't been revealed yet.

The God of War franchise is renowned for its bloody violence and fast-paced combat system, and this iteration looks to be keeping that tradition alive.

However, developers seem to be keeping their cards close to their chest and not revealing too much about the story.   We do know the word Ragnarok relates to a cataclysmic, even apocalyptic event, so the game could perhaps cover the end of the world.

Whatever the storyline, you can expect brutal and fun fighting sequences where you're tearing apart the Norse gods and wreaking havoc on the world. 

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Bethesda's latest game looks unlike pretty much any other popular game. The story takes place in Tokyo (did the name gave it away?), in which 99% of the population has mysteriously disappeared.

The city has been overrun by evil supernatural forces that you battle using an array of magical abilities. Judging by the gameplay trailer, the spells look somewhat reminiscent of Skyrim's dragon shouts.

The combat director Shinichiro Hara described the fighting as "karate meets magic". When an enemy is low on health, its 'core' is exposed, and you can perform various takedown moves to destroy it.

The trailer shows plenty of misty, creepy cityscapes, headless schoolgirls, as well as some suit-wearing slender men.

Bethesda hasn't yet confirmed when the game will come out other than it will be 2021.

You can find a trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo here and more general information here.

Life is Strange: True Colours

The latest instalment of the Life is Strange series takes place in the mountains of Colorado, in a mining town called Haven Springs.

You play as Alex, who has a magical ability to absorb and manipulate other people's emotions.

The story follows Alex's reaction to the suspicious death of her brother Gabe. As usual for the series, your actions affect almost every aspect of the game, giving the game tons of replayability.

True Colours features plenty of acoustic guitar music and stunning scenery for anyone preferring a more chilled out gaming experience (although there will be plenty of drama).   The game is scheduled for release on September 10th 2021, and you can find the trailer here.

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