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An income revolution

What is edifyq?

edifyq makes competitive gaming available to everyone. With our unique tournament system anyone can create or join a tournament. Different tournament types are available and all of them are managed by a bespoke blockchain created specifically for edifyq. The edifyq currency is a truly international currency, borderless and available to everyone.

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Single player games

There are thousands of single player games and millions of people playing these games daily. Our aim is to create a broader community where people can compete with one another playing these games.


By creating communities anyone can start a tournament and anyone can compete. The collective entrance fee is awarded to the winners. This is all managed by the bespoke blockchain that will drive this economy.


The technology space has long been the most exciting and watched industry for a number of years now. Innovations in the sector have radically changed the way we live. In many cases, it has created completely new industries and services.

A new economy

Using the best of the past to create the future

edifyq is a new currency that is not controlled by a single entity, but rather by the community that uses it. It is a currency without borders that can be used by its members freely and securely. But we are building more than just a currency, we are creating a new economy that is there for the benefit of all participants.

Disrupting the games industry

Our goal is to create a digital asset marketplace across all games for users to sell skins and in-game items for profit.

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The games economy is driven by blockchain technology. This enables secure international transactions without a single controlling authority. The distributed nature of authority is what enables everyone to benefit from the games economy.


The tournaments are managed through smart contracts. These contracts do not need supervision, they reduce the administration cost and increases the tournament payouts.


Mining is the process through which the transactions and tournaments are validated and secured. The mining effort is shared with the community and everyone that participates can profit.

Unlocking the potential

Our vision is to enable games to be a source of income. We want to tap into this limitless potential and enable the games economy. 

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